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Pasture Management
An essential element to keeping your horse well fed and healthy is good pasture and forage management. 

We have a broad range of products for creating great pastures.
Photos for illustration purposes only. See store for stock on hand.

Not all horses have the same nutritional needs. 
That’s why we carry a wide variety of the best horse feeds and supplements available. 

1300 Campus Drive  Wausau, WI 54401
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Phone: 715-675-1700
Marathon Town & Country Store
Purina® Horse Feed Products. 
A Brand You Can Trust. 
A Difference You Can See.™
Quality, innovation and over 100 years of American Tradition.It's a lot to fit into one bag.

Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. 

  • Revolutionary Formulations 
  • Premium Ingredients 
  • EquiMix® Technology
 We can help you decide on the proper feed for the age, type and activity level of your horses.
Chaffhaye Advantages
  • Reduces “Hay Belly
  • Highly Digestible
  • Easy to Transport 
  • Easy Storage  
At Marathon Town and Country, we carry a wide selection of blankets headstalls, bridles, reins, bits, pads, cinches, girths turnout coats and more. 
Plain or fashionable? 
We have the styles.
Comfort Can Be Colorful
The Ozark Turnout Blanket
Available in multiple colors and sizes.
JT Tough-1 Turnout Blankets
Vetericyn is an immediate-acting one-step wound and skin care product 
that doesn’t harm healthy tissue. 
Equilite's SORE NO-MORE is an exceptional arnica and witch hazel based herbal horse liniment that contains no chemicals or harsh abrasives. Great to use as a massage liniment before and after exercise, or as a leg or bath brace.
Select the Best has developed an expansive product line designed to support optimal equine performance and health. 

We carry a complete selection of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and other grooming products from Cowboy Magic and Eqyss
Grooming Mitts  
Good Grooming Starts With The Basics
Hoof Picks 
and more....
Fly's, ticks spiders and other pests can make life miserable for you and your horse.
Control the problem Bonide Revenge pest control products 
Revenge® Barn & Stable Fly Spray
Permethrin 13.3%. . Kills virtually all farm premise and livestock pests for up to 4 weeks pre application.
Revenge® DUSTON Livestock & Dog
Kills and repels for up to 4 weeks.

Revenge® Equine Fly Spray
This premium formula has nearly twice the ingredients as its closest competition. Its weather proof feature binds to hair shafts to repel and protect animals from insects, rain, dust and dirt for up to 14 days. Use as a spray, wipe on, or roll on to kill and repel over 70 species of listed flying and crawling insects, on horses, ponies, foals, dogs and in and around premises.
Revenge® Fly Beater® Fly & Odor Reducer
Unique all natural, pleaseantly scented granules repel biting flies from horse stables, barns, bird coops, home pool, patio and porch areas, as well as trash cans. One container treats over 2,000 Sq. Ft. or 20 - 10ft. X 10ft. Animal stalls. Contains cedar, citronella and clove oils. People & Pet Safe!
Revenge® Fly Catchers
The "Original" fly catcher ribbon. Guaranteed not to dry out, leak in transit and storage, or be messy and obnoxious to use, like others are. Our "EZ Grab Tab" unfurls the ribbon cleanly and easily.

Revenge® Fly Stick
Our unique design  allows for 30% more catch area than traditional rigid cylinders. Our world class, clean touch glue out lures and out catches the competition by up to 200:1!

Revenge® Fly Swatters
Tried and true - with a twist! Our galvanized twisted metal handles and flexible plastic heads hear fused onto handles are durable, and even fun to use…….in a "twisted" sort of way. Assorted colors.
Revenge® Horse & Stable Fly Spray RTU
Permethrin .5% for safe, reliable fly control on horses, cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. Also for fleas, lice, bedbugs, mosquitoes, gnats and mites. May be used on poultry and dogs too. Kills and repels.

Revenge® Jumbo Fly Catchers
UV stable, non-drying "memory glue" - won't adhere to skin. One sided coating for clean, EZ application to walls, ceilings, poles, even trees. A nice big wide roll for maximum fly catching capacity.

Revenge® Mini Fly Reel Kit
Our superior non-drying glue with take up reel.

Revenge® Mounting Hardware
Universal hardware for Revenge® Huge Fly Reel that is interchangeable and compatible with all other brands on the market.

Revenge® POUR-ON Fly and Lice Control
 1 gal. treats 51-500lb. Cattle or 7300 sq. ft. and will control many listed flies, keds, lice, gnats, fleas, mosquitoes spiders, crickets....

  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • Joint Care Products 
  • Digestive Aids 
  • Hoof and Coat Conditioners 
  • Energy and Weight Gain 
Revenge® Window Fly Catchers
Our superior, signature "Catch and Hold" glue on one side, and non-residue double sided tape on the other, make this perfect for catching flies, mosquitoes, bees, Asian lady beetles, or any home invading insects, even fruit flies and gnats! For use in windows for homes, vehicles, campers, boats, even RV's.

Stable Supplies
The right stable supplies mean 
that you can care for your horse properly in less time.

Quality halters and leads 
are a must in every stable.
Feed nets make the most of your hay supply. We offer a variety of styles.
You can never have enough scoops and buckets forks and hooks!
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