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Horse Feed
At Marathon Town and Country we choose to sell only the finest quality horse feeds based upon the companies commitment to quality ingredients, solid scientific research and a commitment to equine health. 
Purina® Horse Feed Products. 
A Brand You Can Trust. 
A Difference You Can See.™
Today, after more than a century of experience, horse owners can still depend on solid and consistent nutrition from the most innovative, highest-valued products available. 

Quality, innovation and over 100 years of American Tradition.It's a lot to fit into one bag.
That's exactly what you get with every BUCKEYE® Nutrition products

Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. 

  • Revolutionary Formulations 
  • Premium Ingredients 
  • EquiMix® Technology
We can design a custom feeding program for your horses. 
Contact us today for an in store or on-site nutritional evaluation.
Phone: 715-675-1700

Photos for illustration purposes only. See store for stock on hand.
 We can help you decide on the proper feed for the age, type and activity level of your horses.
We have added 
to our line of quality horse feed
 Chaffhaye is a Premium NON-GMO Alfalfa
Chaffhaye Alfalfa is premium alfalfa harvested at optimal plant maturity to maximize nutrients and palatability. While still fresh, the crop is chopped into “chaff”, lightly misted with molasses, then individually packed into air-tight packages to lock in freshness

Chaffhaye is designed to be the sole source for the forage portion of the diet. Use as a 100% replacement for dry hay, pellets and cubes. A 50 lbs. bag of Chaffhaye is nutritionally equivalent to 80 – 100 lbs. of baled hay. Your animal will be getting more nutrition with increased digestibility 
Chaffhaye Advantages
  • Reduces “Hay Belly
  • Highly Digestible
  • Easy to Transport 
  • Easy Storage  

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