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Dog & Cat Food
We are passionate about selling only the best dog and cat food. 

We focus on brands that offer quality ingredients, variety and the right mix of nutrients that promotes good health and a long life.

Toys & Treats 
A favorite toy or a special treat will show your pets how much you love them.

We carry a huge selection of pet toys, long lasting chews and healthy treats.

We specialize in American made products, many made right here in the Midwest.

Pet Supplies & Accessories 
Indoors or out, at home or traveling, playing in the yard or napping in the sun, our pet department has hundreds of products you and your pet will love!

We sell only the finest made toys, accessories treats and pet food. We care about your animals.
We employ various 
four legged product testers 
who give their stamp…or paw of approval to our products.
Leashed pets are welcome in the store. Bring them in for a free treat.
Photos for illustration purposes only. See store for stock on hand.
1300 Campus Drive  Wausau, WI 54401
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Phone: 715-675-1700
Marathon Town & Country Store
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Keep your pets safe this 4th of July and all summer long
Not all dogs like fireworks. Many are bothered by the sudden loud noises and become anxious and afraid. Here are some practical tips to help your dog.

Leave your pets at home and indoors in an area that they cannot escape to the outdoors. Pets who are afraid may try to run away.

Be sure that your pets are wearing identification tags or have microchips in case they do run away or get lost.

If possible, stay with your pet but do not try to “over sooth or coddle your dog as this may increase anxiety. The more calm you are the more calm your dog will be.

Close all doors and windows and put on background music to muffle the sound.

Close curtains and blinds to block the flashing lights.

Try to distract your pet with chew toys and games, or play with another pet that does not share his fear.

Have plenty of fresh water available for your pet.

If you must take your pet to a fireworks show be sure to bring along a travel kennel that your dog feels safe in.

If you have time, desensitization techniques with appropriate sound CDs, such as thunder, fireworks, trains, sirens, etc. may help pets get used to the sounds at a lower volume, then as they become more comfortable, gradually increase the volume.

We carry a selection of calming products specifically designed, and proven safe, for pets.

A note about medication
Some people choose to give their dogs Benadryl or Melatonin. DO NOT give these to your dog unless you have consulted your Veterinarian. Even if you have read on line or friends have told you about success with doing this remember every dog is different. These drugs could have serious side effects in some dogs, especially those with certain medical conditions.

Remember. July 4th is not the only time during the summer when a dog may be exposed to fireworks. Try to be aware of when fireworks will be going off in your area and be prepared to help calm you pet

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