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​The beginning of the new year is a good time to take a close look at what your pets are eating.
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Does your current pet food contain 
any of these products?

  • CORN
  • SOY
  • DYES
If so, there are healthier alternatives
Reasons to reevaluate your pets food include:
  • Your pets tastes change
  • They age
  • Their activity level changes
  • They could have new health concerns.

And, like some people,
They may be eating foods that sound healthy 
but in fact can be harmful
Here is how we can help make sure your pets are eating healthy.
We carry a wide selection of 
dog and cat food brands 
for every age and activity level, 
plus special mixes for health concerns
All this month bring in your current dog or cat food.
 If there is a better food we will show it to you & explain how it will benefit your pet.
Your 1st bag is 15% off
Your 2nd bag is 10% off plus get 
10% off our selection of toys & treats
Your 3rd bag is 10% off plus get 
10% off all supplies & supplements
When you buy:
Plus: We will sign you up for our quantity buying program