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minerals & attractants

Purina - Trophy Rock - Evolved - Antler King


NOTE: When using these products be sure to follow all state and local game laws.

Not for human consumption

TOP QUALITY BRANDS that attract the herd
and keep them coming back

We carry minerals and attractants that provide optimal deer health

to help them reach maximum growth.


We carry minerals and attractants

from these fine companies 

purina premium deer block.jpg
Purina Premium & qUICK dRAW deer blockS

Easy to use. Simple to set up; no feeder required. 

Highly palatable. Helps ensure strong consumption and keeps deer coming back.

Long lasting Economical choice to attract deer year-round.

New Power Nugget™ Supplement Helps support deer’s nutritional requirement.

Optimized formulation. Helps provide more nutrition than whole grains and maintains vigor during periods of poor or sparse natural forage.

Proprietary flavor. Secret flavoring that attracts deer.

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