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Marathon Town and Country is proud to honor

Neighborhood Pet Store Day!


What is Neighborhood Pet Store Day?

A nationally recognized day to celebrate your area's local independent pet retailers!

When is Neighborhood Pet Store Day? 

September 23rd, 2023!


What is an independent pet retailer? 

We're not just any pet store. We're a local resource that works to improve the lives of your pets and provide our customers with a personalized experience that no big box or online retailer can offer.

What do independent pet retailers offer? 

Expertise on food, supplements, and many other products that enrich the life of your pet and an unrivaled customer experience, all while putting money back into the local economy.

  Does Marathon Town and Country offer any deals on Neighborhood Pet Store Day? 

Absolutely! See below for some of our store's best deals!

NutriSource - Save $8 on a large bag of NutriSource Pet Food

Fromm - Buy a large bag of Fromm Pet Food and get a small bag free

Dr. Marty's Pet Food - $15 off large bags of pet food

PLUS - Savings on a variety of pet treats

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