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Dog & Cat Pet Food

We won't sell pet foods with poor quality ingredients, unhealthy by-products, or fillers

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grain free-gmo free-for cats & dogs
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Farmina feline grain free selection 2 cr
made in Wisconsin


Highly-digestible protein from chicken meal, pork meal, fish meal and whole eggs provides muscle-building amino acids.

for dogs & cats


Made with 7–10 key ingredients that are easily recognizable.

For dogs & cats


Gently freeze-dried to help protect the nutrients your pet needs to thrive — and the delicious flavor and texture they love.

For dogs & cats


Exceeds recommended

nutritional levels for your pet.


no artificial preservatives, made without gmo

Made with only the finest raw ingredients, following strict guidelines set by nutritional experts.

made in Wisconsin for almost 100 years


The country's first and oldest premium pet food company, producing only the highest grade pet foods with the finest natural ingredients.

co-created by cats

We carry Market Fresh

dry foods in

Chicken, Turkey,

Salmon, & Chick Flavors.

Rich in Minerals & Vitamins B, D, A & E

total health begins with digestive health

Guaranteed digestive enzymes to help break down food and make sure your pet gets the most from nutrients in their food.

Builds strong muscles & optimum health

Built with multiple protein sources, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients for the perfect balanced diet for the bully breed.

science-driven nutrition for science-fueled performance

Formulated to support immunity, digestion, metabolism, and whole body health.

packed with the nutrients your pet needs


Made in the USA, a healthy dog and cat food using a proprietary blend of ingredients 

pure holistic ingredients


limited ingredient, highly palatable single-protein-source pet formulas for both dogs and cats.

limited ingredient diet


PREY limited ingredient recipes are a simpler approach to pet food based on the native diets of dogs and cats.

For dogs & cats

Taste of the Wild dog & cat foods were created to give pets and discerning pet parents a pet food option inspired by the protein sources your dog or cat was meant to eat.

usda approved

We use a handful of carefully selected ingredients in all Zignature Formulas to ensure a high-quality, nutritious, and delicious meal for your four-legged friend.

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