COVID-19 f.a.q.

product-safe shopping & event information

can i come into the store & are masks required?

You can shop in the store however masks are mandatory and we ask that you please maintain proper social distancing. If at any time the store becomes to crowded to maintain safety we reserve the right to limit the amount of people in the store for the safety of our customers and employees.

do you offer on-line shopping?

Yes. We strongly encourage anyone who can, to use our Shop on Line service. There is a "Shop on Line" button on every page. Most of the items we carry are listed on line including companion pet food and treats and large and small livestock feed. You can order and pay on line and pick it up in the store usually within hours of ordering. If there is something you need that is not listed please call us. We will make every effort to maintain information about any stock shortages.

do you offer curbside pick up?

Yes. When you arrive in our parking lot please call us. We will happily bring your items out to your car

are there any restrictions on items and quantities

We will continue to sell essential items for the health and safety of your pets and livestock. There may be a few restrictions in some departments. In general we may limit or halt the sale of bulk items. Please call to check before you shop.  Bagged items will be available on line and in the store. We may from time to time have to limit purchase quantities due to shortages. As this may change daily or weekly please see our Facebook page (link above) for details.  We reserve the right to change that at any time depending on stock levels.  We encourage you to buy only your normal amount.  

will you still be holding your seasonal events?

Though we often hold special events and seminars, at this time we will be canceling or postponing any event that would create a crowd of people. We will keep our website (Home Page) and Facebook pages updated with that information.

Will Marathon Town & Country remain open
during any future shutdowns?

In short - YES. Marathon Town and Country is considered an essential business to both agriculture and companion pets therefore it will maintain regular business hours. If there are any changes to our hours we will post them on our website & Facebook page.

do you have any information about pet health during this pandemic?

We share your concern about pet safety. There can be a lot of misinformation on the internet during times like these. Any information we supply will be from trusted sources. We will provide the information as a service only and make no claim as to its medical or scientific basis. We also encourage you to direct specific questions to your pets health care provider. Here is a link to the CDC Animals  and Coronavirus page: