Wild Life Food Plots

Seed Mixes

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Two convenient ways to shop for deer plot ingredients 

1. In store where masks are required for the safety of our staff and customers. 

2. By phone. We will help you select the best mix for your needs then place your order and enjoy our curbside pick-up. Call (715) 675-1700

Brassica Blend

Brassica Blend

 a mixture of fast-growing brassicas & Purple Turnup for a lush forage to attract deer  from mid- to late-fall. 

Maintenance Fertilizer:   18-18-18 Seeding Rate:  7-9#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft)

Planting Time:  April-Aug


Succulent Succotash

This fall forage remains green and lush - even under the snow, when other food sources are brown and dormant. Composed of rye, barley, brassica, turnip, and rapeseed. Maintenance Fertilizer:  18-18-18 Seeding Rate:   18-25#/acre (~.5#/1000 sq ft). Planting Time:   July-Sept

Perennial Plus

Perennial Plus Clovers Wildlife Mix produces abundant high-quality forage . Its blend of clovers and chicory is highly adaptable and performs well on sandy to heavy, well drained soils. Maintenance Fertilizer:   6-24-24. Seeding Rate:   9-12#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft)

Planting Time:   April-Aug

Loggers Mix

Logger’s Mix

This blend of fescue, clover, & ryegrass  will quickly produce cover,  grow in low-fertility- acidic or wet soils, & areas with less-than-ideal sunlight. Maintenance Fertilizer:   18-18-18. Seeding Rate:   18-25#/acre (~.5#/1000 sq ft)

Planting Time:   April-Sept


Wildlife Clover Mix

A balanced mix of ryegrass & clovers preferred by a wide range of animals and birds year-round. Adapted to a variety of soil types and growing conditions. Maintenance Fertilizer:   6-24-24 Seeding Rate:   9-12#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft)Planting Time:   April-Sept

Proper soil analysis greatly enhances the success of your food plot.

Ask us about complete soil sampling and analysis services.


Silver Screen

Silver Screen

 This mix of forage soybean & Egyptian wheat provides privacy & a food source growing 8-12 ft tall with a thick density.  Best planted in 10–20-foot strips along roadsides, food plot edges, & for dividing larger plots. Maintenance Fertilizer:   18-18-18. Seeding Rate:   40-50#/acre (~1#/1000 sq ft)

Planting Time:   May-June

Autumn Buffet


Autumn Buffet

Autumn Buffet's lush growth of brassicas, rapeseed, turnip, and clover are a whitetail fall favorite. Maintenance Fertilizer:   18-18-18. Seeding Rate:   9-12# (~.25#/1000 sq ft)

Planting Time:   April-Aug

WARNING: These and other such products should not be used for feeding or baiting in counties and jurisdictions that prohibit their use in such manner. Please contact the DNR for baiting and feeding regulations in your area.