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Poultry feed & treats

Mark your calendar. Pre-Order chicks will be delivered & ready for pick up on april 2nd
open order stock will be on April 30th. unless otherwise noted. check back for changes

Poultry Feeds & Treats

Poultry Feeds

  • Layer Feeds

  • Starter Feeds

  • Game bird Feeds

  • Organic Feeds

  • Grower Feeds

  • Buy 10 bags and get the 11th bag free

  • Layer Feeds

  • Starter Feeds

  • Scratch Grains

  • Flock Raiser

  • Sweet Feeds

  • Organic Layer Feeds

  • Organic Starter Feeds

  • Organic Grower Feeds

  • Henhouse Reserve Layer Feed

  • Medicated Start to Finish meat bird feed

  • Full Plume Feathering layer feed

  • Organic Layer Feeds

  • Acculay

  • Broiler

Poultry treats

  • Hippie Chicks poultry & game bird treats

  • Bagged treats

  • Treat squares

  • Organic Grubs (buy 6 and get 1 free)

  • Organic oyster shell

  • Alfalfa in a bag