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    Three ways to shop In-store,On-line or by phone order pet food, supplies & more on line or by phone. we will have it ready for you in an hour. Pet Health during warm autumn days pets Food , Treats & Chews , Toys & Accessories , Health A variety of food choices for cats & dogs of all sizes & ages. Chews and Treats to satisfy any dog. All the toys & accessories plus health supplies you need for your pet. On-Line ordering available wild life food plots Straight & Mixed Antler King or Deer Creek mixes Individual & mixed seeds in bag or bulk Popular premix blends from Antler King & Deer Creek Seed Order by phone for in-store pick-up Minerals & attractants for Deer & Bear Deer & Bear Attractants & Minerals The best brand for the best results Purina -Trophy Rock Antler King - Evolved wild birds Seeds, Feeders, Houses & Accessories A variety of fresh seeds & seed mixes Bird feeders from national companies plus hand made feeders crafted locally Standard & heated bird baths chimes Natures Symphony See and hear the chimes in our Arabesque and Corinthian Bells collections. Hand crafted by artisans in Virginia. ​ fashion accessories jewelry purses & wallets Fashion Accessories with a western theme Earnings, Necklaces & Buckles from Montana Silver Smith Wallets plus Standard & Concealed Carry Purses horse feed & supplies Feed-Blankets Health Supplies Feed for every age and activity level of your horses. Health products, blankets and turn out coats plus Bonide Pest control supplies lawn & garden Seeds - Applications to for beautiful lawns & gardens Seeds: Flowers - Vegetables Native Grasses Applications: Herbicides - Fungicides Insecticides-Fertilizers Weed Control Repellents Applicators Poultry Feed Treats Supplies Prince Purina Scratch & Peck Kalmbach Natures Grown Organics Marathon Feed & Grain Happy Hen treats Alfahay Military Discounts For active duty & veterans See store for details Active duty military and veterans receive a 5% discount on all regular in stock items. Applies to in store purchases only. Must present military or government issued ID. Some restrictions apply. See store for details. rewards programs Make every dollar count We offer a variety of rewards and discount programs. See store for details Sr Citizen discount day Senior Day 60+1st Tuesday of every month Applies to in-store purchases only. Some restrictions apply See store for details. We proudly sponsor the marathon county humane society companion of the week on great country wdez 101.9 & the Lincoln country humane society adoptable pet of the week on 95.5 WIFC

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    in-store & online SAVE $5 off 4lb bag LIMIT 2 BAGS Pictures do not include all flavors. Good on instore stock only. Free membership in Astro Loyalty rewards program to receive offer. Some restrictions apply SAVE $5 off 30 & 40 LB bags of Victor Select & Realtree formulas only Victor Select 40lb bags: Chicken Meal & Brown Rice: Ocean Fish: Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Victor Select 30lb bags: Chicken Meal & Sweat Potato: Yukon River Canine: Lamb Meal & Sweat Potato Victor Realtree 40lb bags: Edge energy: Max -5Pro Offer 9-1-21 - 10-31-21. Good on instore stock only. Must be a rewards member to receive offer. Some restrictions apply.

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    Lawn & garden What ever you need to know what ever you need to grow Seeds Turn your lawn and garden from plain to FANCY With decorative grasses and beautiful wildflowers For Vegatables For Flowers Available in package or bulk We carry the best seeds for lawns, Gardens and pastures Discuss your needs with our experts today Decorative grasses Big Bluestem A very tall, warm season, sod forming grass. Very nutritious and will grow under a wide range of conditions. Blooms from August to October. Little Bluestem A medium height (2-4 feet tall) bunchgrass. Highly nutritious and does well on poor soils. Blooms from July to October. Attractive reddish-brown color in winter. Switchgrass A tall sod forming grass that remains upright even under ice and snow. Blooms from July to September and spreads by short rhizomes. Sideoats Grama A medium height (2-3 feet tall) bunchgrass ideal for hard-use areas and for erosion control. Does not tolerate wet areas. Blooms from July to September Indian Grass A very decorative, tall sod-forming grass that grows well on a variety of soils. . Excellent for wildlife, cattle grazing, and erosion control. Blooms from August to October Reed Canary Grass A perennial cool season grass that grows up to 6 feet tall. One of the most productive grasses on upland and lowland sites if adequately fertilized. Will do well in wet, poorly drained soils and will tolerate areas that are subject to flooding. It’s dense growth provides excellent erosion control. wildflower mixes Midwest Mix This mixture contains perennials.& annuals well suited to grow in the upper Midwest. It is formulated to provide bloom spring, summer, and fall. Ideal for residential or commercial landscaping. Shade Mix This mixture requires strong, filtered sunlight or 1-4 hours of direct sunlight per day. This mixture will not prosper in dense shade. We can help you select the grasses flowers mixes and fertilizers for any project Please Note: Native grasses and wild flower mixes are ordered as needed to maintain high germination levels. Turf Seed Our turf seed products are designed using the best quality turf seed available. From our Wausau Custom mixes to DOT Highway mixes, we have a turf seed to fit your needs. In addition to mixes, we carry individual turf grass seeds, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues, and ryegrass. We can also custom blends for special situations or to fit specific job specs.

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    Poultry quality feed, treats & SUPPLIES cHICK ORDERS AVAILABLE VARIOUS DATES SPRING THROUGH FALL. Poultry Feeds & Treats Layer Feeds Scratch Grains Flock Raiser Poultry Feeds Organic Layer Feeds Organic Starter Feeds Organic Grower Feeds Layer Feeds Starter Feeds Game bird Feeds Organic Feeds Grower Feeds Buy 10 bags and get the 11th bag free Organic Layer Feeds Acculay Broiler Henhouse Reserve Layer Feed Meat Bird Feed Full Plume Feathering Layer Feed Starters Feeds Layer Feeds Duck Feed Hippie Chicks poultry & game bird treats Poultry treats Organic Grubs (buy 6 and get 1 free) Alfalfa in a bag Bagged treats Treat squares

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    Pet Health Now available for online ordering and curb side pick up Shop Online KEEP MOSQUITOS, TICKS & FLEAS AWAY WONDERCIDE & GRANDPA GUS REPELLANTS NATURAL & SAFE FOR HUMANS & PETS

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    Wild Life Food Plots Seed Mixes Deer Creek Price List (PDF) Convenient ways to shop for deer plot ingredients 1. In store or by phone. Either way w e will help you select the best mix for your needs 2. If you know what you want, download our Deer Creek Seed price lists and place your order by phone (715) 675-1700 for instore or curbside pick up. Brassica Blend Br assica Blend a mixture of fast-growing brassicas & Purple Turnup for a lush forage to attract deer from mid- to late-fall. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18 Seeding Rate: 7-9#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-Aug Succotash Succulent Succotash This fall forage remains green and lush - even under the snow, when other food sources are brown and dormant. Composed of rye, barley, brassica, turnip, and rapeseed. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18 Seeding Rate: 18-25#/acre (~.5#/1000 sq ft). Planting Time: July-Sept Perennial Plus Perennial Plus Clovers Wildlife Mix produces abundant high-quality forage . Its blend of clovers and chicory is highly adaptable and performs well on sandy to heavy, well drained soils. Maintenance Fertilizer: 6-24-24. Seeding Rate: 9-12#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-Aug Loggers Mix Logger’s Mix This blend of fescue, clover, & ryegrass will quickly produce cover, grow in low-fertility- acidic or wet soils, & areas with less-than-ideal sunlight. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18. Seeding Rate: 18-25#/acre (~.5#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-Sept Wildlife Wildlife Clover Mix A balanced mix of ryegrass & clovers preferred by a wide range of animals and birds year-round. Adapted to a variety of soil types and growing conditions. Maintenance Fertilizer: 6-24-24 Seeding Rate: 9-12#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft)Planting Time: April-Sept Proper soil analysis greatly enhances the success of your food plot. Ask us about complete soil sampling and analysis services. 715-675-1700 Silver Screen Silver Screen This mix of forage soybean & Egyptian wheat provides privacy & a food source growing 8-12 ft tall with a thick density. Best planted in 10–20-foot strips along roadsides, food plot edges, & for dividing larger plots. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18. Seeding Rate: 40-50#/acre (~1#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: May-June Autumn Buffet Autumn Buffet Autumn Buffet's lush growth of brassicas, rapeseed, turnip, and clover are a whitetail fall favorite. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18. Seeding Rate: 9-12# (~.25#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-Aug WARNING: These and other such products should not be used for feeding or baiting in counties and jurisdictions that prohibit their use in such manner. Please contact the DNR for baiting and feeding regulations in your area.

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    wild life food plot Antler King Price List (PDF) Antler King Seed Mixes Convenient ways to shop for deer plot ingredients 1. In store or by phone. Either way w e will help you select the best mix for your needs 2. If you know what you want, download our Antler King price list and place your order by phone (715) 675-1700 for instore or curbside pick up. Fall/Winter/Spring Comprised of a special variety of winter peas and a unique variety of winter rye. Grows extremely fast (can be 6" tall in only 10 days!) and stays green all fall and winter. Annual. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18 Seeding Rate: 68#/acre (~1.5#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: Aug-Oct Fall Winter -Spring Trophy Clover Mix Hardy and long lasting perennial mix of 4 varieties of clover, chicory, and rapeseed. Can last 6+ years on a single planting! provides protein for antler growth. Maintenance Fertilizer: 0-0-60 Seeding Rate: 7#/acre (~.15#/1200 sq ft) Planting Time: April-Sept. Trophy Clover Mix Honey Hole ​ A mixture of 5 unique varieties rape and turnips. An ideal plot for the fall and winter that after the first frost will turn sweet. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18 Seeding Rate: 6#/acre (~.15#/2000 sq ft) Planting Time: July-Sept. Honey Hole Red Zone Red Zone A mix of high protein forage & grain soybeans, forage peas, buckwheat, & sunflowers. Matures at different periods throughout the year, a food plot the deer will crave in every season Maintenance Fertilizer: 6-24-24. Seeding Rate:40#/acre(~1#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-Aug Boomer Buffet Boomer Buffet 2 multi-leaf alfalfa varieties, clover, chicory, & rapeseed. High protein & high forage production. Cold tolerant & drought resistant, Best in a soil pH of 6.67.0.Maintenance Fertilizer: 6-24-24. Seeding Rate: 12#/acre (.25#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-May / Aug-Sept Lights Out Lights Out An all-fall mix that's pH tolerant, fast growing, and weather tolerant. The special varieties of Forage Oats, Turnips, and Canola will be highly sought after early fall to winter. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18 Seeding Rate: 48#/acre (~1#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: Aug 1 – Sept 15 Slam Dunk Hunt Slam Dunk Hunt All-in-one attractant blended with warm & cold weather food sources. Radishes, forage peas, canola, & buckwheat will thrive in virtually any soil condition and climate. Easy & quick growing.Maintenance Fertilizer:18-18-18. Seeding Rate: 14#/acre (~.5#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: July-Sept Game Changer Clover Game Changer Clover ​ A minimum or no till perennial mix of 4 special varieties of clover and 1 variety of brassica. Tolerant to a low ph, shade, and dry, sandy soils. Ideal for logging roads and power lines. ​ ​Maintenance Fertilizer: 6-24-24 Seeding Rate: 10#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: Spring/Fall No Sweat No Till No Sweat No Till An excellent mix for minimum or no till plots, like logging roads, shady areas, or where equipment can't be used. An ideal mix of fast growing shade and ph tolerant oats, grasses, clover, and canola deer love. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18 Seeding Rate: 18#/acre (~.5#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-May / late Aug Small Town Throw Down Small Town Throw Down Special varieties of clover, chicory, kale, canola, buckwheat and rye. All fall multi-purpose mix offers a highly sought-after variety for early or late season food. Maintenance Fertilizer: 18-18-18. Seeding Rate: 16#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-May / Aug Game Changer Clover Game Changer Clover A minimum or no till perennial mix of 4 special varieties of clover and 1 brassica. Tolerant to a low pH, shade, and dry, sandy soils. Ideal for logging roads and power lines. Maintenance Fertilizer: 6-24-24 Seeding Rate:10#/acre (~.25#/1000 sq ft) Planting Time: April-May / late Aug Proper soil analysis greatly enhances the success of your food plot. Ask us about complete soil sampling and analysis services. ​ Warning: These and other such products should not be used for feeding or baiting in counties or jurisdictions that prohibit their use in such a manner. Contact the DNR for regulations in your area

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    Dog & Cat Food At Marathon Town & Country you won’t find pet foods with poor quality ingredients, fillers or unhealthy by-products. on line shopping with curb side pick up Shop Online grain free-gmo free-for cats & dogs Free from most common allergens (corn, soy, wheat, chicken & eggs) Nutritionally Complete Turkey, Lamb, Trout-Salmon, Whitefish, Kangaroo Manufactured in the USA USDA Approved USDA Approved Buy 12 get 1 free Co-Created By Cats Rich in complete proteins. Cat tested for taste We carry Market Fresh dry foods in Chicken & Turkey & Salmon & Chick Flavors Rich in minerals & Vitamins B, D, A & E Fussie Cat Pure Holistic Ingredients Single Source Proteins Wholesome Fruits & Vegetables The essence of PureVitaTM utilizes highly palatable, single source proteins and a variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables, each chosen for its unique nutritional values and powerful phyto nutrient content. Buy 10 get 1 free Nutri Source Super Premium Nutrition Made with real chicken or real lamb as the #1 ingredient. Balanced Omega 3 & 6 nutrition. No by-products. Natural anti-oxidants. Buy 10 get 1 free Made in Wisconsin for almost 100 years A Tradition of Innovation The countries first & oldest pet food company An industry leader dedicated to the health & nutrition of animals Buy 12 get 1 free Sold exclusively through Professional Animal Feed Dealers who specialize in the care & feeding of your dogs and cats Exceeds recommended nutritional levels for your pet Buy 8 get 1 free For Dogs & Cats Made with Non GMO- Ingredients Grain Free no artificial colors flavors or preservatives Limited Ingredient Diet #1 ingredient is from fish or fowl A Grain Free pet food based on what your dog or cat was meant to eat Contains all the proper ingredients & nutrition they need to thrive. Give domestic dogs & cats the vitality nature intended for dogs & cats Simple recipes for sensitive pets Each limited ingredient diet is made with 7–10 key ingredients that are easily recognizable. Even if your pet isn’t sensitive to ingredients, they’ll still love the great taste. Buy 12 get 1 free made in the usa No artificial preservatives or colors Victor Select formulas feature fish & meats for active dogs & puppies through seniors Victor Grain Free formulas offer formulas for dogs in all stages of life Premium nutrition without a premium price American Natural Premium made in Wisconsin Total Health begines with digestive health Unique Digestive Health Support System Pre & probiotics, natural fiber, digestive enzymes and digestive botanicals chicken soup for the pet lovers soul Where Healthy Begins Grain Free Featuring various recipes with Chicken, Beef Turkey , Salmon Pea & Sweet Potato Natural Planet Organic Featuring the Good 4 Life system Featuring exotic protein sources such as Venison, Duck, Kangaroo & Rabbit Grain free options available as well as pro and pre-biotics Recipes to meet the needs of every type of dog & cat Buy 10 get 1 free Grain Free - Low Glycemic A breakthrough in dietary formulation Grain Free - Low Glycemic Rich in protein High in carbohydrates Low fat High fiber Sodium free Chicken & Salmon Buy 12 get 1 free VetDiet Nutrition is the foundation of a long healthy life for pets Developed by Experts Backed by Science A nutritional philosophy centered on Genuine Expertise guided by three key pillars: Lifelong Pet Health, Purposeful Design & Authentic Benefits. see our wide selection for every type, age and activity level Leashed pets are welcome in our store. Bring them in for a free treat! All graphics for illustration purposes. See store for stock on hand. Selection may change without notice. See store for details about our"Get One Free Promotion"

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    horse feed & supplies Shop On-Line in stock or special order we can supply your horses nutritional needs tough 1 turnout blankets & sheets health products bonide pest control products Fly's, ticks spiders and other pests can make life miserable for you and your horse...more info

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    FULL TIME Looking for a relaxed fun place to work? Do you enjoy helping people? Sick of working for big companies where you are just a number? Do you like learning new skills? Download Application We have a full time position available. Hours are mostly Monday - Friday but must be able to work some Saturdays Download an application, fill it out and either fax it to 715-675-3355, or scan and email as an attachment to: , or drop it off in person at 1300 W Campus Dr. Wausau, WI 54401