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Decorative grasses

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Big Bluestem

A very tall, warm season, 

sod forming grass. 

Very nutritious and will grow under a wide range of conditions. 

Blooms from August to October.

Little Bluestem

A medium height (2-4 feet tall) bunchgrass.

Highly nutritious and does well on poor soils. Blooms from July to October. 

Attractive reddish-brown color in winter.  


A tall sod forming grass that remains upright even under ice and snow. Blooms from July to September and spreads by short rhizomes. 

Sideoats Grama

A medium height (2-3 feet tall) bunchgrass ideal for hard-use areas and for erosion control. 

Does not tolerate wet areas.

Blooms from July to September

Indian Grass 

A very decorative, tall sod-forming grass that grows well on a variety of soils. . Excellent for wildlife, cattle grazing, and erosion control.

Blooms from August to October 

Reed Canary Grass

A perennial cool season grass that

grows up to 6 feet tall.

One of the most productive grasses on upland

and lowland sites if adequately fertilized.  

Will do well in wet, poorly drained soils and will tolerate areas that are subject to flooding.

It’s dense growth provides excellent erosion control.

wildflower mixes


Midwest Mix 

This mixture contains perennials.& annuals well suited

to grow in the upper Midwest. 

It is formulated to provide bloom spring, summer, and fall.

Ideal for residential or commercial landscaping. 

Shade Mix 

This mixture requires strong, filtered sunlight or

1-4 hours of direct sunlight per day.

This mixture will not prosper in dense shade. 

We can help you select the grasses flowers mixes

and fertilizers for any project

Please Note: Native grasses and wild flower mixes are ordered as needed to maintain high germination levels.


Turf Seed

Our turf seed products are designed using the best quality turf seed available.

 From our Wausau Custom mixes to DOT Highway mixes, we have a turf seed

 to fit your needs. In addition to mixes, we carry individual turf grass seeds,

 such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues, and ryegrass.


We can also custom blends for special situations or to fit specific job specs.