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Lawn & garden

Whatever you need to know
Whatever you need to grow


Available in Package and Bulk 

Fruits & Vegetables



From popular favorites like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and much more, our seeds are carefully selected from reputable suppliers to ensure the highest germination rates and best possible yield.

Raw Vegetables



Whether you're looking to add some color to your garden, create a beautiful border, or attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, our flower seeds are the perfect place to start.


Turf Seed

Our turf seed products are designed using the best quality turf seed available.

 From our Wausau Custom mixes to DOT Highway mixes, we have a turf seed to fit your needs. In addition to mixes, we carry individual turf grass seeds, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues, and ryegrass.


We can also create custom blends for special situations


Flawn Seed Kits

Bring some color to your yard with our NEW Flawn Seed Kits. 

A Flawn or flowering lawn is simply a normal grass lawn with low growing wildflowers added to it. You can seed in spring, summer, fall, or even in winter over a fresh snowfall. The different varieties of wildflowers in Flawn Seed Kits will grow in with your grass over the next 6-24 months to create a ratio of about half grass and half low-growing wildflowers.

MTC currently stocks 500 sq ft, 1,000 sq ft, and 2,500 sq ft Flawn Seed Kits

From planting to harvesting, we offer expert advice and resources to help you grow and care for your garden, lawn, or pasture


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