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  • Pet Toys & Accessories | Marathon Town & Country Store | Wausau

    pet toys & accessories Having fun & staying safe Shop Online toys Accessories We carry coats and booties for any size dog Leashes & halters for cats & dogs Feeding & grooming accessories Keep your pets cozy indoors and out with pet jackets & beds Photos for illustration purposed only. Stock on hand may vary. Does not show full selection

  • Employment | MTC

    Download Application FULL TIME Looking for a relaxed fun place to work? Do you enjoy helping people? Sick of working for big companies where you are just a number? Do you like learning new skills? We have a full time position available. Hours are mostly Monday - Friday but must be able to work some Saturdays Download an application, fill it out and either fax it to 715-675-3355, or scan and email as an attachment to: , or drop it off in person at 1300 W Campus Dr. Wausau, WI 54401

  • Pet Treats & Chews | Marathon Town & Country Store | Wausau

    Dog & Cat Pet Food We won't sell pet foods with poor quality ingredients, unhealthy by-products, or fillers grain free-gmo free-for cats & dogs made in Wisconsin Developer Read More ​ Highly-digestible protein from chicken meal, pork meal, fish meal and whole eggs provides muscle-building amino acids. for dogs & cats Developer Made with 7–10 key ingredients that are easily recognizable. For dogs & cats Developer Gently freeze-dried to help protect the nutrients your pet needs to thrive — and the delicious flavor and texture they love. For dogs & cats Developer Exceeds recommended nutritional levels for your pet. Developer Read More no artificial preservatives, made without gmo Made with only the finest raw ingredients, following strict guidelines set by nutritional experts. made in Wisconsin for almost 100 years Developer The country's first and oldest premium pet food company, producing only the highest grade pet foods with the finest natural ingredients. Read More co-created by cats We carry Market Fresh dry foods in Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, & Chick Flavors. Rich in Minerals & Vitamins B, D, A & E total health begins with digestive health Guaranteed digestive enzymes to help break down food and make sure your pet gets the most from nutrients in their food. Read More Builds strong muscles & optimum health Built with multiple protein sources, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients for the perfect balanced diet for the bully breed. science-driven nutrition for science-fueled performance Formulated to support immunity, digestion, metabolism, and whole body health. packed with the nutrients your pet needs Developer Made in the USA, a healthy dog and cat food using a proprietary blend of ingredients pure holistic ingredients Developer limited ingredient, highly palatable single-protein-source pet formulas for both dogs and cats. Read More limited ingredient diet Developer PREY limited ingredient recipes are a simpler approach to pet food based on the native diets of dogs and cats. For dogs & cats Taste of the Wild dog & cat foods were created to give pets and discerning pet parents a pet food option inspired by the protein sources your dog or cat was meant to eat. usda approved We use a handful of carefully selected ingredients in all Zignature Formulas to ensure a high-quality, nutritious, and delicious meal for your four-legged friend.

  • Wind River Chimes | Marathon Town and Country

    Wind River Chimes Inspiring Harmony Our selection of Wind River Chimes from the Arabesque and Corinthian Bells collections define a space, create a mood and turn every breeze into a beautiful symphony. Each chime is individually hand crafted, tuned and assembled by artisans in Virginia using American sourced materials for exceptional resilience, beauty, resonance and tone. An Arabesque or Corinthian Bells chime is more than just a piece of décor. Its a moment of calm. Its a reminder to rest, a cue to throw your cares to the wind, - and just breathe. See and hear each chime in the Arabesque and Corinthian Bells Collection. The chimes in each collection are available in a varity of colors and sizes

  • Pet Treats & Chews | Marathon Town & Country Store | Wausau

    Great snacks & vital for your dog's health & nutrition To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. press arrows to advance. Tap or click to enlarge pet treats & chews Featured Item VE RAW BAR™ Freeze-Dried Snacks are a healthy, nutritious, and delicious way to feed your dog between meals. Try Every Flavor! Gluten Free Vital Essentials® contains NO gluten from rice, wheat, corn, or soy. Contains no peas, potatoes, yeast, or other starchy filler ingredients. Grain Free Vital Essentials® contains NO wheat, corn, soy, or other grain fillers. Guilt Free Locally sourced from America’s heartland, Vital Essentials® uses only USDA certified and inspected animal protein. Rest assured that no foreign ingredients go into any Vital Essentials products. Click for image Chicken Necks Bully Sticks Duck Heads Duck Hearts Turkey Necks Salmon Skins Pig Snouts Pig Ears Duck Necks Moo Sticks MTC has a tasty selection of treats & chews Whether you're looking for grain-free options, training treats, dental chews, or natural and organic varieties, we have something to satisfy every dog's taste buds and dietary needs. Our store is stocked with premium brands such as Nutri Source, Grandma Lucy's, Plato Pet treats, VE raw bar, Fromm, Pure Vita, Jones Pet Treats, and many more Nutri Source Grain Free Treats Flavors Include; Rabbit, Salmon, & Chicken Grandma Lucy's, oven-baked, organic dog treats. Multiple flavors available. Spoil your pet with a flavor of Thanksgiving with Plato Turkey and Cranberry treats and a number of other flavors. Sam's Yams are proudly made in the USA, and a healthy, veggie-rawhide treat for small, medium, and large dogs alike. Fromm Four-Star Dog Treats are proudly made in Wisconsin, and feature multiple flavors, each made from premium ingredients and delicious proteins. Jones Pet Treats has something for every dog, and the Jones family has been in the meat processing for six generations, resulting in 160 years in the business! Oh Boy! I hope my hooman stops at Marathon Town and Country! Photos for illustration purposes only. Stock on hand may vary. Does not show full selection

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