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  • February Sale | MTC

    While the cat's away the mice will play... Check out our great deals while the boss is gone! Stop in now through February 6th and register to win two $25 gift cards, given away daily. ​ Sarah's Savings Stop in to check out our DAILY specials. You never know what deals you might find! ​ While you're here, enter to win the Gift Basket Giveaway! ​ ​

  • Corinthian Bells Chimes | Marathon Town and Country Store

    Corinthian Bells Wind River - Premier Chimes Collection Corinthian Bells 27 inch Corinthian Bells 30 inch Corinthian Bells 36 inch Corinthian Bells 44 inch Corinthian Bells 50 inch Corinthian Bells 56 inch Corinthian Bells 60 inch Corinthian Bells 65 inch Corinthian Bells 74 inch Corinthian Bells 78 inch

  • Horse feed and health products | Marathon Town and Country

    horse feed HEALTH PRODUCTS & supplies Shop On-Line in stock or special order we can supply your horses nutritional needs tough 1 turnout blankets & sheets health products

  • Neighborhood Pet Store Day | MTC

    Marathon Town and Country is proud to honor Neighborhood Pet Store Day! ​ ​ ​ ​ What is Neighborhood Pet Store Day? A nationally recognized day to celebrate your area's local independent pet retailers! ​ When is Neighborhood Pet Store Day? September 23rd, 2023! What is an independent pet retailer? We're not just any pet store. We're a local resource that works to improve the lives of your pets and provide our customers with a personalized experience that no big box or online retailer can offer. ​ What do independent pet retailers offer? Expertise on food, supplements, and many other products that enrich the life of your pet and an unrivaled customer experience, all while putting money back into the local economy. ​ Does Marathon Town and Country offer any deals on Neighborhood Pet Store Day? Absolutely! See below for some of our store's best deals! ​ NutriSource - Save $8 on a large bag of NutriSource Pet Food ​ Fromm - Buy a large bag of Fromm Pet F ood and get a small bag free ​ Dr. Marty's Pet Food - $15 off large bags of pet food ​ PLUS - Savings on a variety of pet treats

  • Wind River Chimes | Marathon Town and Country

    Wind River Chimes Inspiring Harmony Our selection of Wind River Chimes from the Arabesque and Corinthian Bells collections define a space, create a mood and turn every breeze into a beautiful symphony. Each chime is individually hand crafted, tuned and assembled by artisans in Virginia using American sourced materials for exceptional resilience, beauty, resonance and tone. An Arabesque or Corinthian Bells chime is more than just a piece of décor. Its a moment of calm. Its a reminder to rest, a cue to throw your cares to the wind, - and just breathe. See and hear each chime in the Arabesque and Corinthian Bells Collection. The chimes in each collection are available in a varity of colors and sizes

  • Pet Treats & Chews | Marathon Town & Country Store | Wausau

    Great snacks & vital for your dog's health & nutrition To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. press arrows to advance. Tap or click to enlarge pet treats & chews Featured Item VE RAW BAR™ Freeze-Dried Snacks are a healthy, nutritious, and delicious way to feed your dog between meals. Try Every Flavor! Gluten Free Vital Essentials® contains NO gluten from rice, wheat, corn, or soy. Contains no peas, potatoes, yeast, or other starchy filler ingredients. Grain Free Vital Essentials® contains NO wheat, corn, soy, or other grain fillers. Guilt Free Locally sourced from America’s heartland, Vital Essentials® uses only USDA certified and inspected animal protein. Rest assured that no foreign ingredients go into any Vital Essentials products. Click for image Chicken Necks Bully Sticks Duck Heads Duck Hearts Turkey Necks Salmon Skins Pig Snouts Pig Ears Duck Necks Moo Sticks MTC has a tasty selection of treats & chews Whether you're looking for grain-free options, training treats, dental chews, or natural and organic varieties, we have something to satisfy every dog's taste buds and dietary needs. Our store is stocked with premium brands such as Nutri Source, Grandma Lucy's, Plato Pet treats, VE raw bar, Fromm, Pure Vita, Jones Pet Treats, and many more Nutri Source Grain Free Treats Flavors Include; Rabbit, Salmon, & Chicken Grandma Lucy's, oven-baked, organic dog treats. Multiple flavors available. Spoil your pet with a flavor of Thanksgiving with Plato Turkey and Cranberry treats and a number of other flavors. Sam's Yams are proudly made in the USA, and a healthy, veggie-rawhide treat for small, medium, and large dogs alike. Fromm Four-Star Dog Treats are proudly made in Wisconsin, and feature multiple flavors, each made from premium ingredients and delicious proteins. Jones Pet Treats has something for every dog, and the Jones family has been in the meat processing for six generations, resulting in 160 years in the business! Oh Boy! I hope my hooman stops at Marathon Town and Country! Photos for illustration purposes only. Stock on hand may vary. Does not show full selection

  • Pet Toys & Accessories | Marathon Town & Country Store | Wausau

    pet toys & accessories Having fun & staying safe toys We offer a variety of toys for dogs and cats, including chew toys, balls, plush toys, and interactive toys. Whether your pet prefers to play fetch or snuggle with a plushie, we have something for every furry friend. Shop with us for peace of mind, knowing that you're providing your pet with safe and entertaining toys that will last. -- Brands Include: Chuckit Steel Dog USA Tall Tails VIP And More! MTC Carries Toys for: Cats Dogs Since the late 1990’s, many dog toy companies have tried to copy Chuckit!’s innovative ball Launchers but none have come close. Chuckit has the most powerful ball Launchers in the world with plenty of stylish and functional balls to go in them. We offer the best toys for dogs and cats. Each Steel Shield toy includes either a squeaker, crinkle, or bottle squeaker inside to provide your dog or cat hours of fun. At Woof, our mission is to take care of the details of dog life. We know that life’s busy, so our goal is to make your time with your dog as special as possible. This means doing away with the chores of dog life so there’s more space for the special moments we love. Tall Tails Toys for Dogs are designed for endless play. The interactive dog toys come in the form of rope tug toys, sport balls, and flying discs. The squeaker dog toys are designed to look like woodland and sea creatures that incite pure joy with pups! Accessories Marathon Town & Country stocks all the accessories you might need for your dog or cat, including beds, leashes & halters, coats, booties, and a variety of feeding and grooming accessories. Visit MTC to view our wide selection! Keep your furry friends safe and secure with quality collars, leashes, and harnesses Keep your pets cozy indoors and out with pet jackets & beds Photos for illustration purposed only. Stock on hand may vary. Does not show full selection

  • Antler King Seed Mixes for deer food plots | Marathon Town and Country

    domain FOOD PLOT Seed Mixes legendary seed, legendary results See store for pricing Please note that some products listed may not be available in our store at all times. Please contact us before visiting our store to confirm the availability of any particular product you are interested in. Thank you for your understanding. Proper soil analysis greatly enhances the success of your food plot. Ask us about complete soil sampling and analysis services. ​ Warning: These and other such products should not be used for feeding or baiting in counties or jurisdictions that prohibit their use in such a manner. Contact the DNR for regulations in your area

  • Marathon Town & Country, Wausau WI. Supplies-Pet-Lawn-Garden-Wildlife

    It's Lawn and Garden time at Marathon Town and Country! Stop in and see our new Lumiz products, gorgeous décor for inside or outside. Protect your lawn and plants from insects and diseases with Bonide Premium Lawn Care Products Need recommendations? MTC's experts can help you choose the best products for your lawn! It's Lawn and Garden time at Marathon Town and Country! Stop in and see our new Lumiz products, gorgeous décor for inside or outside. 1/3 welcome to marathon town & country! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Your one-stop shop for all your pet supplies and feed needs in Wausau, Wisconsin! At our store, we are dedicated to providing high-quality pet products that are not only nutritious and delicious for your furry friends but also affordable and accessible for pet owners in the local community. Whether you're a dog lover, cat enthusiast, or own farm animals, we have something for everyone. ​ ​ Our inventory includes a vast selection of pet food, treats, toys, and accessories from top brands. We carry everything from premium pet food, grain-free options, to supplements and grooming supplies, and many more. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly and can assist you in finding the best products for your pet's needs. ​ In addition to our standard inventory, we also offer specialty items for hobby farm enthusiasts. We carry a range of feed, supplies, and animal health products, so you can keep the critters on your hobby farm healthy and well-fed. Stop in and ask us about our rewards program and military & senior discounts! Click Links to View Dog & Cat Food Chews and Treats T oys & Accessories Health Supplies pets Poultry Click to View All Brands ​​ Information Feeds Treats ​ ​ chimes Click Links to Hear our Hand-Crafted Collections ​ Arabesque and Corinthian Bells horse feed & supplies Click Here to View ​ Feed ​ ​ Health products ​ Blankets & Coats Click to View All Brands ​​ Information Feeds Treats ​ ​ wild life food plots Individual & Mixed Seeds ​ Click to View by Brand ​ Antler King Deer Creek Domain Straight and Mixed Ingredients Antler King Mixes Domain Mixes Deer Creek Mixes Minerals & attractants For Deer & Bear View Brands: Antler King Purina Evolved Trophy Rock Food Plot Attractants & Minerals lawn & garden Click Links to View ​ Seeds ​ ​ Applications ​ ​ Decorations wild birds Click Here to View​ ​ Fresh seeds & mixes Bird feeders Standard & heated bird baths On line shopping details Proud Sponsor of the marathon county humane society companion of the week on great country wdez 101.9 & the Lincoln country humane society adoptable pet of the week on 95.5 WIFC Order & Pay Online - Curbside or instore pick up Shop Online Not all store products will be sold online Please allow one hour for your order to be prepared. You will be notified when your order is ready. Track your rewards or buying program benefits when shopping online. Set up an online account. It's quick & easy & free

  • Pet Health products for dogs and cats | Marathon Town and Country

    pet health A healthy pet is a happy pet KEEP MOSQUITOS, TICKS & FLEAS AWAY WONDERCIDE & GRANDPA GUS REPELLANTS NATURAL & SAFE FOR HUMANS & PETS At Marathon Town and Country, we are committed to providing exceptional pet care products that promote overall well-being and longevity. ​ We carry a wide range of high-quality products from trusted brands such as NaturVet, Nupro, Brilliant, Earth Animal, ShieldTec, and more. Whether you're looking for supplements, vitamins, natural remedies, flea and tick control, or other health-related products, we have you covered. ​ NaturVet makes quality and safety their top priority. We stock a variety of supplements for your dog or cat, including supplements for joint health, allergies, digestive health, and even calming. Whether you feed raw foods, home cooked meals, dry kibble or a combination diet, NUPRO® will enhance your pet's nutritional program with all the real, live, fresh nutrients he/she needs to support a healthy body and strong immune system Shieldtec's products are developed using safe, effective ingredients, to ensure your pet stays healthy and itch-free year round. We stock a number of Shieldtec products designed specifically for your dog or cat. Dedicated to caring for animals, people, and the earth, Earth Animal believes in a more natural, loving way of nurturing the life of pets by making the highest quality pet products, and still always considering the social and environmental impact of everything they do. The fresh taste of salmon helps make your pet’s food even tastier. Dogs and cats love the flavor, especially on kibble. Not only this, countless pet parents report a shinier coat, softer paws and more energy after just a couple of weeks of using Brilliant Salmon Oil. Stock on hand may vary. Stop by Marathon Town and Country to see our full inventory of pet health products

  • Lawn & Garden Seeds. / Marathon Town and Country

    Lawn & garden Whatever you need to know Whatever you need to grow Seeds ​ Available in Package and Bulk Fruits & Vegetables ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ From popular favorites like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and much more, our seeds are carefully selected from reputable suppliers to ensure the highest germination rates and best possible yield. ​ Flowers ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Whether you're looking to add some color to your garden, create a beautiful border, or attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, our flower seeds are the perfect place to start. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Turf Se ed ​ Our turf seed products are designed using the best quality turf seed available. From our Wausau Custom mixes to DOT Highway mixes, we have a turf seed to fit your needs. In addition to mixes, we carry individual turf grass seeds, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues, and ryegrass. We can also create custom blends for special situations . ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Flawn Seed Kits ​ Bring some color to your yard with our NEW Flawn Seed Kits. A Flawn or flowering lawn is simply a normal grass lawn with low growing wildflowers added to it. You can seed in spring, summer, fall, or even in winter over a fresh snowfall. The different varieties of wildflowers in Flawn Seed Kits will grow in with your grass over the next 6-24 months to create a ratio of about half grass and half low-growing wildflowers. ​ MTC currently stocks 500 sq ft, 1,000 sq ft, and 2,500 sq ft Flawn Seed Kits ​ ​ ​ F rom planting to harvesting, we offer expert advice and resources to help you grow and care for your garden, lawn, or pasture . ​

  • Lawn and Garden applications regular and organic | Marathon Town and Country

    Lawn & Garden applications - regular & organic The top brands for: fertilizer, weed control, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, repellents Bonide has been trusted since 1926 as the leader in providing the best possible products and solutions for home, lawn, and garden pest problems. Ask us about these & other fine products for your lawn & garden Giving green Thumbs a hand since 1968 all purpose, non-burning, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer feeds the plant and soil.

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